pdf file opens in word instead of adobe



I have receive a pdf file in an email. When I try to open the pdf file it
opens it in word instead of adobe.



Van T. Dinh

Either the file has the wrong file extension, e.g. "doc" instead of "pdf" or
the file association is wrong in your computer.

Most files still has a file extension from DOS time, usually 3 0r 4
characters after the dot in the file name. You may not see this as Windows
defaults to "hide extensions of known file types".

If the file has wrong extension, simply rename the file name to have the
extension "pdf". If your computer has the wrong association, use Windows
Explorer (Menu Tools / Folder Options... / File Types tab ) to modify the

Temporarily, you can copy the file to a temporary area, e.g. the Desktop
then hold the Shift key down while you right-click the file. You should
have an option "Open With ..." in the short cut menu bar and use this one to
open with Acrobat Reader.

Most of these are in Windows Help which should check ...

BTW, this newsgroup is for Microsoft Access (a database application) and not
general computer "access". If you have further question on this, suggest
you post to the relevant newsgroups for the Windows version you are using.

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