PC Review News Edition - 15th April 2004

Sep 4, 2003
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You may have noticed the lack of News Edition updates recently. This is due to the fact that PC Review is getting a makeover. We've been listening closely to your thoughts, concerns and ideas and designing and coding away to try and meet and surpass them!

If you've got any ideas or thoughts why not drop by our friendly forum? We'd love to hear from you!

Make sure you check back soon for the launch, we'll be bringing you cutting edge reviews and news from the technology world, new sections, new guides, more community features, more coverage of events and of course prizes all faster than ever before. Whether you're just starting out with PC's or pushing your rig to the edge, PC Review has something for everyone.

In the mean time, lets have a look at the news...

Well the biggest news recently, which will have you graphics card fans rendering sounds of excitement is the launch of the new nVidia family of graphics cards, the 6800 range. The core clock speed of the card isn't impressive, at least for this end of the market, but with other 200million transistors, 1.1Ghz DDR-3 memory, along with 16 Pixels pipelines, this (the Ultra version) is bound to be a stunner. This isn't going to come cheap at all though, although nVidia will surely be thinking about price in the face of ATi's new Radeon launch, due to be announced shortly, in order to make another attempt at market domination. You can read more on the new line of cards over at Extreme Tech.

In Microsoft news, you guessed it, more lawsuits! A win for them against "Lindows" the Linux operating system that tries to offer a realistic alternative to the dominating line of Windows operating system's for users that may find it too big a step otherwise has been forced to drop its name after serveral lengthly court battles by Gate's software giant, settling on the new name "Linspire". However Microsoft have taking blows from other sides, not only due to the EU's accusations that Microsoft is holding an unfair monopoly on the software market, but also in the U.S.'s antitrust case. It looks like Microsoft may be forced to release portions of the source code for key Windows components to try and level the playing field.

In more general technology news, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has cleared the way for a trial for testing implants that could allow people to control computers and other electronic devices with the power of thought. The trails involve planting a 4mm square metal sensor into the surface of the brains of paralysed patients. The current scope of the investigation is centred around improving the quality of life for severely disabled people, however in the future, who knows?

In internet news, the most interesting, and just plain bizarre story is that Libya has disappeared from the internet. All domain names with the .ly have been removed from name severs, removing all access except by IP, more on this bizarre story from The Register. In more, normal, internet news Amazon announces the launch of a new search engine "A9", set to rival the likes of Google and Yahoo who have been increasingly accused of poor search performance and stagnation. Check it out here.

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