Paste from Excel shows "Bottom of Form"



When I copy a small section (about 30 cells) from an Excel 2003 spreadsheet
into an Outlook 2007 email, "Bottom of Form" appears under all of the
numbers. When I remove it manually, 1) the alignment gets messed up and 2)
more instances of the phrase appear. There are about 3 of them in each cell
with a number in it. It does not appear in the cells with only text - even
though they are all formatted as text prior to copying.

Same thing happens if I paste it into a Word 2003 doc. I've tried find and
replace - it only finds the instance that is visible to me. The next instance
will appear. I can do this 3 or 4 times and get rid of them all, but it's a
ridiculous waste of time.

I've tried starting a new spreadsheet, I've copied the data and pasted it
into a new sheet as "values only," I've tried formatting as "general" instead
of "text," I've searched for the text (it isn't found), back spaced to the
last number in each cell to make sure there's nothing extra in the cell,
revealed formatting...I'm out of ideas.

I found this in one other post on the internet. It got one irrelevant
response and the thread died.


I have the same problem. The only solution I have found is to merge all the cells of one column right after pasting into Word. Copy and re-paste into Excel. Copy and paste back into Word. Hope this makes sense.
Sep 21, 2011
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I am new and digging up a very old thread, but to be honest, it was the only place I could find anywhere that mentions this issue (I thought that was really odd). Anyway, the issue is that the paste is defaulting to HTML format instead of Microsfot Excel Worksheet Object. If do a Paste Special instead and select Excel Worksheet Oject, it will paste correctly. Not sure where the parameter to fix this is. Just wanted to offer some help if anyone else runs into it. Sorry for digging up such an old thread.

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