password request annoying



I use 2 mail addresses and lately from time to time (not everytime) WM asks for
password validation. It takes time and is annoying.
after validtaion it works OK until next time.

(give me back the old outlook express which ran fast and trouble free)

Is there any cure for that ??????

George Mathias

have you put your complete email address in you account settings, also tick
the remember me check box.
have a first look there.


Naturally the box "remember password" was ticked - I am saying that e-mails
come well except that SOMETIMES windows mail asks for password verification,
and there is no reason why it should, that sometimes is about 20 % of times.

George Mathias

there is one reason that such a problem can occur, and its called as SERVER
TIMED OUT when this happens, one has to logon again, this problem is common
and occurs even if one tries to logon through the web browser, and it dose
happen 20% of time.


maybe this is an answer - SERVER TIMED OUT - but it is mighty annoying and
does not explain why the "logon" needs to be done on one mail address and not
on both ?
also why outlook express had no such problem at all

for me WM is not good, besides it delays opening new mail everytime and
delays forwarding too

George Mathias

check your ram memory, slow service is usually related to the ram, and there
is nothing much that one can do with the SERVER TIMED OUT, but broadband
internet connection can help, such problems will occur less say 5% of the
times, when the load is to high.


I have plenty of ram and broad band for internet - something is wrong
with WMail or VISTA or both - but I do not know what... at the first
opportunity will escape from both.
The delay appears everytime I prepare an e-mail - opening new or responding
or forwarding - had this problem much more pronounced (1minute delay) on
another less powerful computer so directly took VISTA out and reverted to XP
+ outlook express... and runs smoothly.
and this I should also do on my main powerful computer but since delay is
only annoying I stick to VISTA still becuase the change requires much work.

George Mathias

well in that case you should consult a professional and verify your system

Gary VanderMolen

Actually, the main reason this can happen with Windows Mail is
interference from an antivirus program. Which antivirus are you running?
As a minimum, email scanning in the antivirus should be turned off,
although that may not be sufficient to eliminate all bad effects.
In a worst case scenario, your antivirus may need to be uninstalled.

Email scanning in any antivirus should be disabled, for reasons
explained here:

If no improvement after disabling email scanning, consider upgrading
to Windows Live Mail, because it is less prone to suffering bad effects
from overly intrusive antivirus programs:

Sam Hobbs

You could be more specific than that. It helps to be clear about how to
determine if the memory is inadequate.

One way to be specific is to suggest use of the performance analyzer and
specify the specific counters to look at. I forget what the specific counter
that would be most useful is, but I think perfmon in Vista includes it as a

dolega indicates that memory is not a problem, and Gary VanderMolen's reply
is likely to be the answer.


This also happens to me but worse. The windows logon verification does not
recognize my user name and password. I can no longer use windows live mail
and there is no option to request a forgotten password in case something was
changed. Is there any way to shut off this annoying feature? It wasn't there
when I set up my account.

Gary VanderMolen [MVP]

You seem to be confused about which mail client you are using.
You mention "windows live mail" but you are posting to the newsgroup
for Windows Mail, a different mail program. Also, your reference to
"option to request a forgotten password" makes me think you may be
using the web-based Windows Live Hotmail. Windows Live Mail has
never had such an option.

For help with Windows Live Hotmail, go to

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