Password box keeps popping up in OUtlook 2007



I have 5 email address in Outlook 2007 and they have been configured with the
same information for months. But, I opened Outlook today and I am getting a
pop-up for my password for every account. When I enter the password and
'save' it, the email does come, but then on the next 'send/receive' the box
keeps popping up asking me for my password again.??? Every email is fine in
webmail...just this problem with OUtlook 2007. I didn't change any suddenly happened when I opened my email today.

Any suggestions?


When it asks for the password again, Do you still see the black dots in the
password box or do you have to type the password again and hit OK.?

And also does this happen to all the 5 email address?


No.. I had to type them in again and hit OK. BUT...the problem resolved
itself after I rebooted. Strange. Probably a funky thing with Vista.

Thank so much for responding anyway.

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