passive FTP upload problem


Dave Casper

I have been using FP2003 to maintain a site via FTP for some time.
Recently, active FTP has stopped working, so I have to use passive. The
support guys at the host site say this is due to some recent Windows Update
modification: "nothing changed at our end".

The passive FTP upload has some kind of problem, though. It appears the
files are actually copied, but if I am replacing any existing files, after
copying the files, it hangs for some timeout period and then announces
"Could not find a Web server at 'xxx' on port 21. (etc)"

I am able to access and modify remote files in the FP remote web site pane,
or via Network Places. But something is failing during publishing, and it
causes files that were copied successfully to remain shown as conflicts
(which then have to be published again).

On my own machine, I have installed the latest everything from MS Update in
the hope of fixing the problem, but to no avail.

Even if it is a problem with the host site, I will probably need to be able
to tell them what to do; thanks for any suggestions.

Wally S

Which FTP software are you using? You might check with the manufacturer.
Passive FTP should not be a problem. I use Cute FTP, and it mostly operates
in active mode but will automatically go into passive mode if necessary, and
I have never had a problem with this.

Wally S

Dave Casper

I presume I am using Windows/System32/ftp.exe, unless FrontPage has some
internal ftp client.

To be clear, the problem happens when I use the "Publish Web site"
functionality, with the Remote Site properties set to an ftp address. This
all used to work until a few days ago.

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