Paint no longer giving file format options



I have recently had some weird problems with some of my users' paint
programs. They extensively use paint to paste a screen shot and save
it as a jpeg to put into a web page, but when they bring up the "save
as" command, the "Save as type" box is empty and there is nothing to
select, not even bmp. I can get is back going with system file
checker, but that takes about an hour and they can't work with the
machine until it's done. I don't know what is changing the system
file, or even what system file has been changed. If I only knew what
was doing it, I could do something. Anyone have any ideas? I might be
able to track it down if I knew what system file holds the file filters
for paint.


First off, are your users all on the same network?
Is the Paint program being corrupted repeatedly on the same computer? Or
only once on each computer?


2 users have this problem that have noticed. I have corrected it twice
on each, but it keeps coming back after a few days. they are both at
the same location, same subnet, but different departments. One is in
our helpdesk and the other is in our technical services department.
One uses it to screen capture error messages to send to the developers
and the other uses it for documentation. One has multiple unauthorized
programs on her machine, but the other person has a fresh machine that
had been reimaged just a couple months ago and he hasn't installed
anything additional on it.

It couldn't be 2 more different machines, except they have a few things
in common: Office 2003 standard, Talisma (call tracking software), and
the are both HP D220 computers, meaning they both have Intel 845GL
chipsets with integrated graphics. There are 14 other identical
machines in the helpdesk with the same base apps, but this is the only
one with this problem in that department.


Unfortunately, uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't do anything. Only
the SFC has been of any help.

"sfc /scannow" at the run prompt.

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