page X of Y problem in Word 2003


Sharon G

I have a word template for Radiology patient reports set up in a health
information program, that utilizes MS word. Since we upgraded to Word 2003
(from word 2000), we are now getting page 1 of 1, page 2 of 2, etc. instead
of page 1 of 3, page 2 of 3, etc when printing patient reports. I did some
research in microsoft help and was able to find reference to the different
fields to use (from the insert tab at the top of the screen, then field) and
instead of using the "numpages" field for the "Y" field (as directed by our
health information program), I switched it over to "sectionpages" for that
field. It now will print from pages 2 to the end correctly in the page x of y
format. However, the very first page always shows as page 1 of 3 in a 5 page
document, or any document length of pages.
My report template is made up of eight sections. Where I am inserting the
page x of y field is in the third section of the first page, so I am guessing
this might be why I am getting page 1 of 3 on the first page. I have tried
both checking and unchecking the "different first page" field in the page set
up screens with no change. I also tried to create a bookmark at the end of
the document and use a page x of y function, which also didn't work.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to either correct the first
page or to correct the whole template to print in the page x of y function? I
am assuming my problem is due to the multiple sections of the report template.

Thanks in advance!

Praising Jesus

I was going to suggest checking the different first page block - because
that should work. However, if everything else works fine, as a temporary
measure, you could insert a blank first page - or Title page.


Sharon G

Hi Mike- thanks for the idea, however, it wouldn't be practical in our
setting since we print numerous patient reports a day. That would end up
being quite a bit of wasted paper!


Sharon G

Thanks Graham- actually I had seen that page already and tried a few things
there with no success :-(


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