Problem with Page X of Y numbering



I'm using Word 2003 and am having problems with my page numbering within
Section Breaks (i.e., Page X of Y), but the 'Y' is not changing when I have a
new Section Break. Note that 'Link to Previous' has been disabled.

So for example, the first section should be "Page 1 of 15"; then the next
section should be "Page 1 of 2", etc.; however it currently shows 'Page X of
38' all the way through to the end of the document.

Stefan Blom

Press Alt+F9 to show field codes. For each header (or footer, if you
inserted Page X of Y in footers), change NUMPAGES to SECTIONPAGES; press F9
to update the field. Then press Alt+F9 again to show field results.

Gordon Bentley-Mix on

Try replacing the 'Y' field (commonly known as a NUMPAGES field - because
that's what the field code says) with a SECTIONPAGES field: Insert | Field...
then select "Numbering" from the Categories: dropdown and "SectionPages" from
the Field names: list.

Gordon Bentley-Mix
Word MVP

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