Package for CD "no CD recorder" error when clicking "Copy to CD"



On my laptop, I am trying to copy a presentation out to a cd using Package
for CD feature in Powerpoint but I run into the error:

"The files cannot be copied because no recording device was found. Make
sure that a CD Recorder is installed on your computer!"

I think my laptop does have a CD recorder as below:
System Config: laptop DELL Latitude D600, Win XP SP2, Office 2003 SP3

I am speculating that 2003 Powerpoint does not recognize the CDRW/DVD combo
drive for some reason and caused the error. I think if your system has a
CDRW only, it would work. Just wondering if this issue has been seen by
other people.

I can copy the presentation to a folder and use RecordNow software to burn
it to cd.

Just currious on the issue. Any helps and comments are much appreciated.



Echo S

I think sometimes PPT has trouble if there are two CD/DVD drives on the
system. If I recall correctly, it looks for the one with the drive letter
closest to A. [I don't know if that's considered "higher" or "lower." :) ]
I've not heard of issues with the combo CD/DVD drives, but it's entirely
possible it doesn't properly recognize it because of that.

I was going to suggest choosing "copy to folder" and then burning the
contents of that folder to CD, but I see you're already there. That's
probably the easiest solution -- in fact, I don't know if we've actually
seen any real resolutions for the "not recognizing the CD drive" issue.

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