package assigned to computer fails install



I am trying to deploy the Autoupdate client by assigning
it to computers. The gp processes OK and an attempt is
made to install the package after reboot. It fails with
Event IDs: 102, 108 and 1000. It states that the
installation source for the package is not available. I
have created a share with the wuau22.msi file and even
gone to the extreme of giving everyone full permissions. I
have given the domain computers group full permissions
also. I have give everyone and the domain computers group
full permissions to the gp and the package. It still
fails! Can somebody please help! Thanks



Philip Nunn

use "Authenticated Users" for your permissions. This group includes all
domain users and domain computers built-in groups. also make sure you have
share permissions setup correctly, not just ntfs permissions set.

Philip Nunn




Thanks for the input. I forgot to mention that I included
the "authenticated Users" as a group. They also have full
control share and ntfs permissions. I have set it up on
both a server and a workstation. We have a mixed mode
domain. Can't get it to work!!

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