Owner User Account



I had three user accounts set up: Owner (administrator); a second one; & one
for Guest.

Today, I went to add a fourth account, & set it for administrator
priviledges as well. I didn't have time to really work with it or to
customize this morning, so I got off of it & went back to my Owner account &
worked out of that one for the entire day.

After loosing my internet connection, I went to restart & when I did, I no
longer had my Owner account showing. I tried again & got the same thing. I
did a system restore to last night & before I added the new user account &
still it hasn't shown up.

I did a search for administrator & did see my files & desktop items.

What happened? How do I set these back to restore my Owner account & my
desktop/wallpaper/shortcuts, etc.?

Please help. I work from home & need all of these restored.

Thanks in advance!



Andrew E.

You may own the pc & have (administrators rights),but having the OS list
you as "owner account",youre still not the "administrator",the s in windows
OS makes all the diffrence..Try tapping the F8 key on start-up,select safe
view the entrance options: youre account (owner),& administrator,2 diffrent


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