Override the local Group Policy by domain policy or delete the RSOP

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I newly installed Win XP in my pc and joined in a domain. When i tried to
give a join a user name of a domain in admin group, i didn't found domain
name in the Locations selection when adding thru local users and groups. So i
typed in a command prompt as "gpupdate /force" just to apply the domain
policy to that pc.

Unfortunately domain group policy has not applied for that pc. Now as i am
just an user with admin rights, i cannot able to access my domain server. Is
there any possible way to reapply my domain group policy to the pc or delete
the current group policy settings applied and bring to windows default group
policy ?

When i joined to domain and created the network id too, i tried to add some
domain user names in the Debug Users group using local users and groups after
clicking the "Manage" when we right click the my computer. But when i tried
to add the users name after click the add button, the domain name is not in
the Locations box only the local pc name is there? Why ? Whether it takes
more time that domain name to come in that list. I tried restarting many
times. But nothing works.

Please help me. thanks in advance.


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