Group policy


Jason Marino

For some reason when i push out my group policy the local admin profile
gets restricted acces. Basically what happens is add local printers is
grayed out i also cant change my time. It seems to me that the the
local admin account ends up getting domain users rights. Is there
anyway to fix this.

Steven L Umbach

I am not sure what setting you are applying that affects the printer but
being able to change time is a user right which is part of "computer
configuration" Group Policy which means it will apply to the computer itself
and thus all users that logon to that computer. If you need local
administrators or administrator to be able to change the system time make
sure administrators and/or administrator as the case may be for your domain
are included in the user right for change the system time in the Group
Policy that enforces that user right. Domain level "user configuration"
Group Policy settings should not apply to local users on a domain computer.


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