Outlook with Infopath question



I recieved an infopath form via email (as we want to use this option) and am
unable to open it correctly. My computer is running Vista Enterpise SP2 with
office 2007 enterprise SP2. Infopath is installed and email forms are enabled
in outlook advanced properties. It may be worth mentioning Microsoft XML
editor 2007 is also installed on this computer in case that matters.

The error message is as follows:

Microsoft Office InfoPath is set to be the e-mail editor. However, InfoPath
is unavailable, not installed, or a different version from Outlook. InfoPath
editor will be turned off, and the Outlook e-mail editor will be used
instead. Try to repair the InfoPath installation, and then turn on InfoPath
as the e-mail editor again.

Any suggestions are appreciated,


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