Where can i publish infopath form to be sent throu outlook???




I created an Infopath form.
Is it possible to publish it to "Organizational forms library"? I want all my team to use this form from outlook to send it as an Infopath e-mail forms. I'm using outlook 2007 and exchange 2003 (but it will be upgraded to exchange 2007).


Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

No, InfoPath forms don't use the Organizational Forms library as Outlook forms do and, in fact, don't need such a central repository. When you use InfoPath 2007 to send an e-mail form, the form information is included in the message. This article explains how to e-mail InfoPath forms -- http://blogs.msdn.com/tudort/archive/2006/02/22/536800.aspx. If you have a form that you want multiple people to be able to use to send InfoPath e-mail form messages, you publish it to several locations; see http://blogs.msdn.com/infopath/archive/2006/06/30/652464.aspx

Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]

Hi Thiego. InfoPath forms must be published locally, in a SharePoint
library, or via InfoPath Forms Services.


Thanx for the explanation..
I thought there was something like Org Forms Library in Outlook but for Infopath E-Mail Forms.. That's why i came to this forum.
Now i'm aware there is not. =(
So i'll have to publish the form to every new user if i want him to send infopath e-mail forms messages.. that sounds boring!

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