Best method to create the form below - Outlok 2007



There seem to be three options to create and send a form via Oultook 2007: -
1. Custom form pages
2. InfoPath
3. Outlook form regions

What would be the best method to try?
I have very little experience of any but have good vba experience and some

The form will:
1. have a few drop down lists. The item chosen on one list will effect the
items available in another list.
2. Have a calendar date picker
3. Use logic to decide which e-mail address to send to form to when the
submit button is selected
4. Use some sort of currency converter

Infopath looks like the best bet if everyone has Infopath and Outlook 2007.
Any comments on this?

If they don't all have Office 2007, custom forms pages seems the only option
as the other two require everyone on Outlook 2007? Could you create a form
like the one above with custom forms?

Any comments on this? Especially the use of Infopath.

Thanks in advance!

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Your description doesn't cover the main issues that will determine the appropriate solution:

1) Target audience -- internal users, external recipients, or both

If only internal users:

2) All users get mail from with Outlook? What version(s)?

3) All users get mail from Exchange mailboxes? If so, do you have permission to publish a custom form to the Organizational Forms library.

If the answers to #2-3 are not all Yes, then an Outlook custom form is not a viable solution. I'd recommend looking at InfoPath 2007.


Thanks very much Sue - I was leaning toward Infopath!

I've not used it before but it's looks like it has a lot more featuires than
I thought.

At the moment as far as I'm aware - I need to do some more checking - all of
the users will be internal. If they are not I suppose infopath is out of the


Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

There may be ways to expose a forms server externally so you can use Infopath with external users, but I'm just not sure about that.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming:
Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators

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