Outlook Signature error



Whether or not I save an actual signature (containing >0 bytes of data), if I
add a signature to my outgoing mail, the actual signature is preceded by the

(That's an "i" with two dots, a double ">" (angle brackets), and an
upside-down "?".)

If I create a blank signature, then those symbols appear at the end of the
eMail. If there is data in the sig, the symbols appear at the bottom of the
eMail body, preceding the sig.

I have un-installed both Outlook 2003 and the entire Office 2003. Upon
reinstallation, the errant symbols RETURNED. Help!


I have used Word as the editor once, (after the problem started) so I could
"Select All" and delete. To no avail.

After renaming normal.dot to "old", it didn't change the sig error. I found
other template files but don't know which one preloads the signature files.
I'm thinking that once the option to attach a signature is loaded, an errant
piece of code is "sitting in cyberspace", ready to self-insert itself... or
perhaps in the Registry files???


Roady [MVP]

If you used Word as the Advanced Editor to create your signature, you'll
need to recreate the signature after renaming normal.dot as well.

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