Outlook sends twice much data as email is


Jukka Majander

I have found out strange behaviour in my Outlook 2007, It is connected to
corporate Exchange 2003 server. I have tested with 2MB local pdf file to send
it and monitoring sent data from TaskManager Networking page Bytes Sent. Both
inside corporate lan/wan and remotely using VPN.

First Outlook send about 2MB data, then it waits about 10 seconds and send
2MB again. I am using Outlook in cached mode. What is that second sending for?

I found that behaviour when we upgraded CRM 3 to 4. Then maybe wrong defined
email router / Outlook rules makes 2MB sending to 8MB, then wait and then
2MB. So total of 10MB.

What is going on?

Jukka Majander, CRM Project Manager

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

I believe outlook needs to send it then move it to the sent folder - so
you'll have two moves, but you'll get a better answer in the exchange
newsgroups where the admins are more familiar with network issues.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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