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Frank Ingle

I seem to have a bad email stuck in the sending process. Each time I click
"send/receive" I get the same error message. However the send of new
messages to my stored Outlook contacts does succeed and they are received.

My computer is a new Vaio with Win 7 and Outlook 2008, and outlook contacts
transferred from an old computer with XP and outlook 2003. Everything worked
for a month until I manually typed in an email address for a new email. The
error occured whenI clicked send/receive. That message seems to be stuck
there and creates a new error each time I send/receive any new email.

error message: Task (e-mail address removed) – Sending†reported error (0x80070057):
“Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Do you see a stuck message?
If so, set Outlook offline (File menu) and wait a few minutes, then delete.
See http://www.outlook-tips.net/howto/stuck_message.htm for other methods.

Is Outlook set to use compatibility mode?
To disable it or confirm its not enabled, find Outlook.exe file and right
click, then select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab in the Properties
dialog and uncheck the Compatibility mode box that says "Run this program in
Compatibility Mode".
See http://slipstick.me/compatmode

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Orland, Kathleen

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