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I have been tasked with creating a company-wide calendar and task system. I
have a table for Tasks which includes the task, user, due date, and reminder
date/time. What I don't have is a form that looks like the Outlook calendar
which everyone really likes. Does anyone have an idea of how to create a
form that looks like the Outlook calendar, in which tasks are listed in each
day's block?



If your users has Outlook would it not be simpler to simply automate
Outlook and use its functionality & link the data from there?


Well, I don't know.

What we have now are 8 users each with Outlook and their own .pst file.
(What we NEED is Exchange with shared a calendar and tasks.) But anyway, we
would like to have a shared calendar on which we can enter tasks & events for
each other. And of course, all of the events and tasks would be visible to
all and updates instantly available to all. So I can assign a task to user1
which would then popup on their screen, and then I can do my own task and
mark it as complete, which every would then see as complete.

Does that make any more sense?


You have made the assumption that I would know how to automate Outlook!! :)

Unfortunately, and maybe what I should have stated before, is that the
database is also tracking alot of notes about projects that can sometimes
drag on for years. Depending upon what needs to be done, tasks are then
assigned to various users. Right now, everything works fine EXCEPT that the
users want to see a calendar form that looks like the Outlook Calendar. On
my calendar, the users have to click on a day to display their tasks for that
day in a side box. In Outlook, of course, the tasks are displayed right on
the calendar.

Jeanette Cunningham

Try a sample database on Rogers Access Library, by A D Tejpal.
Find the library for A D Tejpal,
find these samples



Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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