Track Projects in Access via some type of Calendar control



I am currently using an Access Database for Project Management. People are
able to select projects and look up various bits of information. I am trying
to incorporate something in the database that works like Microsoft Project. I
want to be able to show a visual representation of the tasks going on. Each
task has a start and end date. I would love to show a calendar of ongoing
tasks. Each task would be a different color and the entire lifespan of the
project would be shown.

For Example:

Project Start End

Project1 5/5/09 5/31/09
Project2 5/15/09 5/31/09

The calendar would show the dates 5/5/09 through 5/31/09 in, let’s say, red
and 5/15/09 through 5/31/09 in blue. The days that overlap would show both
Can anyone advise me where to go? Is there a control to get for this? I
would like to avoid getting Microsoft Project.



I tried using the demo which was provided. However, I could not get it to
run. I follwed the instructions and it still did not run properly. I am using
Access 2007.


I am having trouble getting this to work properly. Is there a reference I
could turn to? I would like the the projects on the left and a calander on
the top (for about a one year span). The chart should show the a continious
line from the projects start date to end date based.

Peter Hibbs

There could be several reasons for that, if you would like to email me
at the email address in the documentation I can probably help.

Peter Hibbs.

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