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Okay, Im nto sure exactly how to explain this But I am going to try it
the best I can. I have this calendar made in flash, and lets say the
calendar is for events that are going on to do with my budiness. Now I
have a database with a back end event table that I want to display the
title, end date, start date, and decription when you click on the date.
basically I was wondering how to get these values from theh access
table into a text file so the claendar can read and display it. Maybe I
didnt even post this in the right area, if not somebody can point me in
the rioght direction. I know how to simply export a table to text, but
when I go into by back end mangement site and they update the calendar
table, then how do I get it to re-rite to a text file and show up in my
flash calendar. here is a bit of the text file that was generated by
the guy before me that I know works.

// variable names are shortened to speed up load time, key as follows:
// rc=recordCount (number of events), minS=minStartDate,
maxE=maxEndDate, id=eventID
// sd=startDate, ed=endDate, t=title, d=description, al=allDay,
et=eventType, p=pattern

&id1=1&sd1=2005-09-30 17:30:00&ed1=2005-09-30 19:30:00&t1=New Site
Calendar 1&d1=Munden Enterprises is hosting an all day industry support


&id2=2&sd2=2003-03-01 09:30:00&ed2=2003-03-01 11:00:00&t2=Test Event
2&d2=once on 1 march&al2=0&et2=once&p2=&
&id3=3&sd3=2003-03-15 09:30:00&ed3=2003-03-15 15:30:00&t3=Test Event
3&d3=once on 15 September 30&al3=1&et3=once&p3=null&

&id4=4&sd4=2005-04-01&ed4=2005-04-01&t4=Test Event 4&d4=once on 1

&id5=20&sd5=2003-01-01&ed5=2003-12-31&t5=Test Event 5&d5=every second
tuesday&al5=1&et5=weekly&p5=<pattern sun="0" sat="0" fri="0" thu="0"
wed="0" tue="1" mon="0" recur="2" />&

&id6=21&sd6=2003-01-01&ed6=2003-12-31&t6=Test Event 6&d6=third
wednesday of each month&al6=1&et6=monthly&p6=<pattern day="wed"
week="3" recur="1" />&
&id7=22&sd7=2003-01-01&ed7=2003-12-31&t7=Test Event 7&d7=last friday of

april&al7=1&et7=yearly&p7=<pattern day="fri" week="5" month="8" />&

&id7=2&sd2=2005-10-01 09:30:00&ed2=2005-10-02 11:00:00&t2=Event for me
2&d2=This is another test&&al2=0&et2=once&p2=&
&id8=3&sd3=2005-10-15 09:30:00&ed3=2005-10-15 15:30:00&t3=Another
&id9=4&sd4=2005-10-16 14:30:00&ed4=2005-10-15 16:30:00&t4=Johns
Try&d4=this is my tr at this thing, to see if I can get it to


I don't know how flash works with database, so no comment on that.
You should look into ASP/ASP.NET is for web front end with database
backend. Perhaps embed your flash stuff within the ASP.NET page.

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