Outlook Express - problems trying to restore folders



I've had to reformat and reinstall my entire system. It was rather a rushed
affair and all I could do was compress folders in Outlook Express to collect
a bunch of .bak files in my recycle bin. I copied these to my external and
proceeded with the reformat and reinstall.

Since then, I've tried renaming my folders (i.e. from inbox.bak,
personal.bak to inbox.dbx and personal.dbx) but only my inbox has restored.
My other folders are in the Message Store, are renamed, but are not restored.
These folders (personal, freelance, etc) are visible in OE but have no email
in them and duplicate dbx files have been created in the Message Store
(personal1.dbx, freelance1.dbx).

I need to get rid of these duplicate dbx files and restore the correct ones
but deleting the duplicates is not working.

Please can someone provide me with step by step instructions for when a
proper backup has not been performed. All I have to work with are the
original .bak files and the existing renamed dbx files. Am so frustrated as I
need these folders to restore (completely forgot to back up my address book
so am facing a long week).

Any help would be appreciated.


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