Outlook Cached Mode on Terminal Server




I have read lots of articel that cached mode is not possible on Terminal
Servers for various reason - Anyhow does anyone know a workaround? I know
it's working when I logon to the console of the Server but that is not really
a working solution. Background is that the Terminal Server and the Exchnage
Server are connected over a WAN link. We have Riverbed's in place but still
performance is not what I expect it to be. Cached mode (for Laptop users) is
really working great in that above config.


Roady [MVP]

Not possible. Any specific reason why you have this network layout? Having
the clients closer to your application servers is one of the main reasons to
implement a Terminal Server solution.


Thanks Robert,

Decision was taken by non IT Management for cost reduction - as normal.....

We told them it will not work out really good - but it seems that the
pressure has to come from the users after they have beend moved over to the
new centralised server :)


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