Outlook and Auntie Virus programs


Howard Kaikow

I've got a multiboot system, with a different version of Office in each OS.

OS on C has Office 97
OS on F has Office 2000
OS on G has Office XP
OS on J has Office 2003.

Main OS is on J and has NAV 2006.

This week, I installed Kaspersky AV 6 in the OS on the G drive.
While running a full system scan with KAV, I noticed that each of the 4
outlook.pst files changed in size.

outlook.pst on C changed from 353KB to 384KB.
outlook.pst on F changed from 513KB to 560KB.
outlook.pst on G changed from 480KB to 512KB.
outlook.pst on C changed from 761KB to XXXKB, not yet finished..

Sue Mosher's tyo2kp.pst changed from 624KB to 640KB.
"Building Microsoft Outlook 2002 Applications.pst" changed from 7696KB to

Is it really necessary for an AV program to change the size of a PST when
KAV did not change the PST file sizes when KAV was installed. Tools |
Options, in Outlook 2002, does get a Kaspersky AV tab.

Of course, since KAV is installed in the OS on the G drive, Outlook 2002 is
the current Outlook.
Does this mean that the outlook.pst installed on C and F have to get changed
when looked at with the Outlook on G?
Even if so, why would the outlook.pst on G change size as it is native to
the Outlook on G?
Scan has not yet gotten to the J drive, so I am wondering what is going to
happen when KAV tries to use Outlook 2002 to examine an Outlook 2003 PST

Next time I run a scan using NAV 2006 on the J drive, I'll try to remember
to check whether NAV also causes the PST file sizes to change.

Yes, there are bigger problems in the world, but my feeling is that I may
need to restore each PST to its pre-scan condition.

Howard Kaikow

I just did a scan using NAV 2006.
NAV does not cause the PST files to change.

What does KAV do to a scan of a PST file that is not done by NAV?

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