Outlook.pst does not show my calendar, contacts and to do list




For some reason I needed to reformat my hard drive so I copied Outlook.pst
and Outlook as whole on an external drive. I reformatted my PC and install
the office. I imported the Outlook.pst to my outlook 2007. Some of inbox
mails are not there, and my calendar is empty and my contact has no names in

I need your help.


I am using XP pro and Office 2007


What does 'copied outlook as whole' mean?
As posted daily you merely open your pst, whithin outlook
(Nor do you overwrite any existing pst)


What I did I went into Application data,Microsoft and copied "outlook". I
also opened Outlook and copied "outlook.pst".
I did not understand your second part of your response.


Its not advisable to overwrite any existing pst
If you had configured Outlook, after installing, and before copying your pst
it would probably have overwritten and existing pst, as the default name is
simply outlook.pst.

Assuming you had configured Outlook, which you must have to use import;
You open Outlook in its virgin state (empty pst, other than any new mails
Locate your copied pst in Documents folder, within Outlook, File>Open>Data
File.......browse to and open this pst.
You then have options, either copy data to your 'empty default data file',
or set the origonal data file as the default.
If however on opening this data file, calander & Contacts are empty it means
your origonal copy went wrong in some way


As soon as install Oulook and I went to import, and it did not get me all my
contact or calendar. My question should'nt the one that I saved be still a
good one since outlook did not overwrte that one.
You have mentioned "within Outlook, File>Open>Data
File.......browse to and open this pst."
I think I should go to file,Data file mangement instead of what you have
said. Am I right.
It is really sad I lost all my contacts, calendar and a lot of Emails that I
suppose to respond too.

Thank you so much for your help.


You copied your data file to the default location, so you stated, this would
have overwritten any existing data file.

It matters not whether you used Data File Management or Browse within
Outlook to open the data file

You need to open the origonal data file within Outlook and see what it
contains, ideally that data file should be taken from your origonal copy and
located somwhere other than the default outlook location.


Before I formatted my hard drive I went into application data and I copied 2
things to an external drive. One is Outlook and the other Outlook.psd

Now shoudn't the above 2 items be reflective of what my outlook looked and
contained before the reformat. How come I do not see anything in it and the
size of Outlook.pst is 1,065.

I hope I did not give you a headache.

Thanks for all your help.


Thanks. I did same the pst file, but what is the use if Outlook 2007 can't
bring all the stuff back!

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