New Outlook 2007 missing Outlook.pst; lost newly received emails



my hard drive on my laptop crashed - but I had a week old backup.
I opened up my old laptop running XP/2003 and uninstalled Office 2003 (which
also had LiveMeeting installed). I didn't uninstall LiveMeeting.

I Installed Office 2007 and wasn't going to use my backed up Outlook.pst
file because I thought it was a good opportunity to start again and backup
emails in my Explorer folders (outside Outlook). I'm also hopeful my crashed
laptop will be able to recover and I just wanted to copy the new emails

But the new install of Outlook didn't install an Outlook.pst or Archive.pst

So, I then placed my backed up Outlook.pst file and Archive.pst file into
the \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook directory, started
Outlook and it opened. It was looking for some old data files that I used to
have in my Outlook build but not for at least 6 months. And I was also
prompted for the Symantec addin dll vpmsece3.dll which is not part of my
current (crashed build) either. I don't use Symantec and haven't for a few

The main issue with using the backed up Outlook.pst file is that my new
email, while I can see it loading up (said I had received 66 emails last
night) - but they are not visible. Aaaaah!

I use AVG professional - and following this and some googling, I disable the
email scanner; but I still seem to receive the emails, but they are not

I have a second account (an exchange account) that I recieve emails from
when I'm in a client's office; in case that is significant information. But
when I am in the office I just receive the exchange email into my Inbox.

Can anyone help - even just to get a clean Outlook.pst install would at
least help him receive my emails.

Secondly, if you could help me find the 'lost' recently received emails that
would be fantastic.

PS I have a big meeting on Tuesday morning where I need LiveMeeting, and
didn't want to uninstall it just incase i couldn't get it back again. But if
I have to uninstall, I'll do it.


If you uninstalled OL2003 and installed OL2007 it would have used the
previous profile and previous data files.
You would need to open your backup data file within OL via File>Open>Data
To create a new Profile, with OL closed use the mail applet in Control Panel


Thanks DL - glad someone is around on a Sunday.
I am a bit of a novice in this area of Outlook; I understand your suggestion
re importing the backed up file - that should be no problem.
I have gone into the Control Panel Mail applet, and clicked on the button
for adding multiple profiles, and Add, entered my details, but it then
started looking for a network connection on the server, and couldn't find
that. So I now have a new profile without an associated account - is that


I have followed your instructions now - and I have a clean Inbox - for the
new pst - but when I do a S/R outlook counts off the eails its bringing in ,
ie 1 of 14 etc, but no mail comes into the Inbox.
Hopeing this just something I have missed... eeek!


OK - DL; somehow, I'm not sure how, but my emails are now arriving in my
Inbox. Phew. I just shut OL down and then went back into the Control
Panel/Mail and deleted the profiles and created new ones.
I still don't know what happened to the initial 100 emails that went missing
though :-( But that's something that I can live with if I have to.
cheers Suzy


If you have problems with pst file, you can try a tool called
Advanced Outlook Repair. You can download a free demo version at . I think it is a useful repair
tool for you. It is easy to recover your PST file by using its wizard.
It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects
from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files.

Detailed information about Advanced Outlook Repair can be found at


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