Outlook 2010 Setup Wizard randomly (?) appears. Outlook is NOT yet setup




We have an irritation with Outlook whereby the setup wizard seems to
randomly (we think) start up. Somtimes it can happen 10 times a day,
other times it doesn't happen all day.

We have not yet identified any trigger, we have had it happen when we
have not had any other ms-office programs open. It sometimes happens
as soon as we log in, but equally it sometimes doesn't trigger until
after the computer has been used for hours.

Outlook has not yet been setup on this machine, and nor do we want it
to be. We have never ever progressed this wizard, we just hit cancel
every time it appears.

One thing to note is that we connect to this computer via windows
Remote Desktop capability.

Running windows 7 professional, SP1
Office 2010

All help appreciated.

Andy C

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