Editing prf file and custom installation wizard



We used Custom Installation Wizard to install Office 2003 and had it specify
a PRF file on our terminal servers. I can see the prf file on the server and
I assume it uses this the first time a user logs on and runs office/outlook.
IWe haven't started using these servers yet and I need to make some changes
to the outlook profile and don't want to uninstall office, recreate a mst or
use the Custom Maintenance Wizard (if at all possible)

My question is can I just edit the existing PRF file on the server (keeping
the prf file name the same) and then these new things will get applied to the
user when they log on for the first time. Note - users haven't even logged
onto these servers yet with the original prf file so this will be the first
time the installation wizard runs for them.

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