Modifing Outlook 2007 Install with MSP File




I have a situation where we have Outlook 2007 installed on a terminal
server. We have created an MSP to use a certain PRF file. Outlook installed
properly and all users connecting are setup the way we want.

The problem is that now I want users to use a different PRF file. We
created a new MSP and configured it to use our new PRF file.

Is the proper procedure to uninstall outlook then reinstall with the new MSP
file? Is there a way that I can just run the new MSP so that configuration
changes will be in effect?

Another thought I had was changing the location of the PRF file that Outlook
is looking for. We setup or MSP so that the PRF file to use is located in
c:\windows\system32. Our installation path is D:\program files\Microsoft
Office. However after we installed Outlook the PRF file was copied to
D:\program files\Microsoft Office. And the one is system32 doesn't seem to
have an effect on anything.

Please pass along any info as that would be greatly appreaciated.


Yes, thank you for the post. I wanted to reply to give confirmation. Also I
found we need to deal with two different Office Installs. The problem we ran
into was that we need to use two differnt MSP files. The problem is that the
last one saved through the OCT is the only MSP will will run successfully.
If I want to apply a different MSP file I need to open it with the OCT and
save it. This seems to be because of the NOTE section in the link provided.
It is strange though that if I create an MSP-A and a MSP-B on one box the
move the MSP-A to another box, the MSP-A won't run. Only the MSP-B will run
because it was created/saved last. I just don't get how the second box knows
what the most recent MSP file is that was created on another box. Either way
that is just my thinking and not neccessary to resolve as my problem is
Thank you.

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