Outlook 2003 Deployment

Mar 31, 2010
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Long story but to make it short

We are deploying Outlook 2003 to few hundrew of domain PCs.

What we need to do:
1) Remote Installing Outlook 2003 client to each PC by using some kind of "remote installer" admin tools

2) Customizing several settings:
a) Junk Email Filter Turn off
b) Auto Archive Turn off
c) Exchange server, cached mode, OAB
d) allow comma sepatated address
e) change archive path to "c:\mail\%username%.pst"

Things I had tried and worked
1) Dumbest way, clicking next and next till the end setting up each user's account after the Remote Installation had completed.

2) Installing outlook with MST (including settings a b and c), then manually configured d and e

3) Created a .PRF and modified the archive path. But this worked only by double clicking the .PRF file manually after outlook installation ..

4) Also tried adding a reg. key for settings (d) and it worked only after outlook had been ran once

HOW TO PUT EVERYTHING TOGETHER ? Is there a proper way of doing this with better procedures?.. I tried doing everything within a batch or script but something always missing each time. I also tried /importprf reg. key but it failed ...

Please help

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