Outlook 2007 upgrade no BCM


David Sweet

I recently install an upgrade to my outlook 2003 with Business Contact
I have out look working but have no BCM and when I click on the enable
Business Contact Manager for Outlook I get the error message:
CLR error: 8007000b.
The program will now terminate

I had BCM installed on Outlook 2003 and it was working normally.
Wonder if there is an updated version that needs to go with Outlook 2007?

Any input is greatly appreciated.




I can't stress this enough, DON'T install BCM, it will sloooow your computer
down, and evenutally lock it up. It is NOT ready for use yet. It is GREAT
in theory, but bad in a working environment. I honestly spent a toal of
nearly 30 hours with Tech Support, to figure out how to fix what BCM screwed
up on my computer. Even after uninstalling it a million times, there were
pieces of it still out there jamming up the rest of the programs. Well,
actually it only jammed up Outlook and Word 2007... but you go a few days
without e-mail. It SUCKS!

Just wait until you can read this thread without all these issues flaring
up. :)

Outlook 2007 is good enough without BCM!

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