Outlook 2007 totally disabled


Doctor D

New man on the block (Executioner's that is :( )

1. MS Office 2000 installed on Vista OS. All email accounts, including
Hotmail, operable using Outlook, with Outlook Connector.
2. Installed Enterprise 2007 and uninstalled (apparently not all of) Office
3. Accessing Outlook 2007 from desktop icon produces error "The Add-in
"Outlook Connector Extenions" (msncon32.dll) cannot be loaded and has been
disabled by Outlook. Please contact Add-in manufacturer for an update. If no
update available uninstall the Add-in".
4. Now Outlook 2007 is totally inoperable, but displays previous Inbox
emails, but Send/Receive throws up "Not implemented", as does trying to
access Accounts, Data etc
5. Then tried enabling msn32.dll as Administrator via Tools/Trust
Centre/Add-ins but got Run time error.
6. Followed advice to go to http://g.msn.com/0CR1033/3, which was
reinstalled with no change to problem.
7. Downloaded and installed latest Outlook Connector with problem still
8. Re-installed and uninstalled Office 2000 and reinstalled Enterprise 2007.
9. Tried to locate and move pst files via Tools/Options/Mail Setup/Data
Files. But this also threw up “Not implementedâ€
10. In desparation went through two System Restores to previous
set-ups. 11. Unfortunately there is no restore date that presedes
the problem!
Suggestions please.
Doctor D

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