Outlook 2007 Rules in Error message



I have been using office 2007 with exchange 2003 for a while and hav
had rules to move my mail from my inbox to sub folders. Today i got a
email for the administrator saying my mailbox was over its size limi
(tut tut) so i thought i would archive my mailbox to an existing PS
file archiving all emails up to and including today to make my mailbo
empty. I then deleted all the folders under the inbox as they ar
generated in the pst file and will now get in to the habbit of movin
them from the inbox to the pst file directly.

So i thought to myself i need to change my rules so they put the email
in the folders as well. So i went in and edited the rules to point t
the new folder i would like them. Tried to run the rule and i got
Rules in Error message saying can not move to the 'out of offic
folder' so i thought ok, so i exported the rules deleted all the rule
and applied and ok, it said did i want to keep the client or serve
rules so i said client, so i was unaware of any server side rules i ha

reimported the rules and tried it again against an email in my mailbo
and i got the error again, not to be defeated i deleted all the rule
and created a new rule to move all emails with subject containing ou
of the office to my out of office folder within my PST but again i ge
the same message.

I am able to move the files in to the PST but not run the rules

has anyone else had this problem or know where i am going wrong?

Office 2007
PST (200mb)


F.H. Muffman

So i thought to myself i need to change my rules so they put the
emails in the folders as well.

Before I even think about this, I have to ask: Are you sure you really want
to do that?

One would presume that the mail on the server is backed up, while your PST
is not.

What happens if your HD crashes?

I'd look at 'Archiving' in online help to see how you can have outlook automatically
archive older messages for you.


Well yes i'm sure i want to archive emails to a PST, i didnt want t
have duplicate folder structures within exchange and the PST as i
involves more work scrolling (lazy i know) The PST is backed up using

which copies the PST to my network share which is backed up ever

Thanks for the suggestion tho.

I have managed to google my solution and am currently testing it, wil
repost if my solution work

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