additional mailbox rules



I have my personal mailbox and an additional shared mailbox in m
outlook 2003.
i need to set rules on the additonal mailbox for all users to redfla
emails containing certain words and to move emails containing certai
words from the inbox to a separate folder.

I have set up the rules and they work on my personal mailbox but the
wont work on the additional one
I do not want to have rules on my personal mailbox, just the additiona

How can i do this?

Thanks in advanc

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

outlook doesn't support rules on secondary mailboxes. if they are
server-side rules, log into the mailbox and create the rules.

** Please include your Outlook version, Account type, and Windows Version
when requesting assistance **

Nikki Peterson

You will need to log into the other mailbox with its own profile to
set the rules. However, I think you will run into a few issues that
may not suit you.

The main issue will be that you need to build rules that are Server
side only. (No client rules). See the info on the following link for
greater detail:

Your rules are for your mailbox. Automation runs only on the
"System" or "Default" folders. (Personal Mailbox folders: Inbox,
Calendar, Sent, etc.)

Nikki Peterson


I'm really having difficulties setting rules on the additional mailbox.

I thought it would be fairly straightforward to red flag e-mails
containing specific key words and moving emails with specific key words
to a folder.

I logged into the additional mailbox using Outlook Web Access, however
the rules wizard does not allow you to red flag emails and when i tried
to set a rule to move emails to a folder it doesnt work on OWA or in

Anyone have any problems with these issues before and is there a way
around it?


Nikki Peterson

You will not be able to use OWA for this.
You need to open the mailbox in it's own profile and set up the rules
there. But let me reiterate, they have to be SERVER SIDE ONLY
rules or they will not work unless you are logged into the profile.

Maybe a rethink on how you are implementing the use of this other
mailbox may be in order.

Why is a separate mailbox being used? (Name, Multiple persons, etc)
Is this something that could be accomplished using a Public Folder?

Perhaps if you explained the whole purpose and what the goal is,
we could help offer a cleaner solution.


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