outlook 2007,rules and alerts won't open.Only flashes.What to do?


Brian Tillman


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Feb 22, 2012
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Outlook 2007 on Win7.
Automatic and manual run rule seldom runs.
Need it to run automatically, consistently.
Re-booting occasionally enables it to run once automatically or manually.
When run manually successfully it takes a moment and you can see it working.
When it is run manually and you see it simply blink, instead of working on the job, it fails to do the job.

The task is:
when an email arrives with a specific phrase in the subject
send a reply message from message templates
Screen shot attached of run now and template in directory.

I've tried the following:
Closing and re-opening Outlook 2007
Re-booting Win7
Deleting outcmd.dat & *.srs
Ran fixit on *.pst (it found and fixed some errors)
Deleting the rule and the *.opt and re-creating them under different names
Searched Outlook help and Google for phrases Outlook 2007 rules and alerts fail, etc.

Screen shots attached


Any suggestions or requests for more info appreciated.


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