Outlook 2007 - HTML Email Internet Proxy with User/Pswd Login



I am running XP SP2, Office 2007, Outlook 2007, IE 7. Our corporate internet
access is via a proxy server that requires a user ID and password. Upon
upgrade to Outlook 2007 from Outlook 2003 I had been required to bring up the
Trust Center to get the proxy login prompt once before reading HTML email
with CSS or images from the web. Now even this workaround does not work and
I cannot get it to pop the proxy login. IE 7 works fine, Outlook Help works
fine and will connect to internet with proxy login, other office help works
Ok with proxy login.

Any ideas?



Roady [MVP]

Proxy settings are not specified in the Trust Center. What exactly did you
change there?
Which mail account type are you using?

In order to access the Internet, you can specify your proxy settings in the
Internet Options applet in Control Panel.
You only have to set proxy settings in your email account settings if in
order to collect email you need to use a different proxy server. No separate
proxy server settings are required in Outlook (nor can they be set) to
download web content from the Internet.

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