Outlook 2007, cant print email, no printer installed



Hey there,

Have an "Issue" when trying to print an email Outlook 07 has a popup
notification that there are no printers installed...

The user, says she could print her outlook 2007 emails to a HP2420 printer
up untill recently, but as of this week, for some reason she cant...

The above printer is there in printers and faxes, and can print from word
07.. even tried reinstalling the printer and tried the O.S - XP Pro - system
restore which failed for reasons as yet unkown... no alterations have been
made to your p.c...

Other than this no administrator alterations have been made to this printer.

Is there a known issue with this Outlook 2007 failing to print emails... I
have been unable to locate an exact issue like this.. something needs doing
to re-associate outlook with the default printer??

Please assist by replying to (e-mail address removed), this task is starting to
exceed my tolerance...

Thanks very much

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