Cant print from outlook and other problems


Paul Stephen

Up to last week we have been able to print HTML emails from Outlook 2003 but
since some MS updates have run we are no longer able to.

1 - Opening an HTML email and choosing FILE/PRINT does nothing
2 - Selecting PRINT from the shortcut menu does nothing
3 - From the Inbox selecting an email and choosing FILE/PRINT from the menu
shows the default printer as being unavailable for MEMO style but is
available for TABLE style.

We are also unable to print from our accounts package now (Quickbooks). I
suspect for the same reason as this occurred at the same time.
This is not a problem caused by Quickbooks as this application is only on 1
of the company PCs and we are all having problems printing from Outlook 2003.

I have tried:
Outlook - Detect and repair
Printer deinstalled and reinstalled
Different printer installed
Deinstalled recent MS updates
- None of which has resolved it.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



Randy B.

I just discovered today I have exactly the same problem. Previously, I have
NEVER had any problems printing HTML emails. Today, the symptoms are as
Paul describes--you click on the Print... menu or the Print icon and nothing

I've also discovered I can no longer print webpages in MSIE 7.

I'm running XP Pro SP3 and have the latest June MS updates installed. On
another computer also running XP Pro SP3 w/June updates, but not running
Office 2003, I can print HTML webpages fine.

Any suggestions?


Randy B.

I spent most of the day rolling back updates, but I think I found the
culprit: the Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows
XP (KB969897). When this is installed, I can't print HTML from Outlook 2003
or IE 7. When I remove it, I can print but, of course, I don't have the
security protection this update provides.

Note: On another computer that doesn't have Office 2003 installed, this
update (KB969897) is installed, but I can still print webpages. There might
be some part of the update that conflicts with Office--I don't know.

Hope this helps.



Randy, can you tell me how you "rolled back updates?" I'm not only now having
this problem, but lost my system restore dates about the same time and can no
longer use CTRL Z in Outlook. I'm thinking these may all be connected.

Thanks for any help.

Randy B.

Hi Vicki,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner--vacation.

I used the Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs function of Windows. You
will need to check the "Show Updates" box at the top of the dialog box to
show the individual updates for Windows and IE.

To find which update seemed to be causing the problems I found all the
updates that were applied during June's "Patch Tuesday" and removed them
all. I then reapplied them one by one using Microsoft Update, starting with
the ones I didn't think would cause the HTML printing problems I was seeing
and tested after each install. I eventually found that the KB969897 patch
caused HTML printing to fail.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, Randy. I'll do just that. I'm very grateful. I sure wish there was a
way to get back my system restore dates. Lost them, too. Can't get any month
older than June....sigh.......

Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

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