Outlook 2007 bug cant access Drafts when new message window open




A user has just raised a question about outlook 2007 not allowing he
to access the draft emails, thought this was odd so i went round t
have a look to see what was happening.

She was right clicking a file, Send To ... Mail recipient

This opens a new email message in Plain text and attaches the file, sh
then adds an additional file via the usual attach method and then want
to open her draft folder and copy the contents of the email in he
drafts to the email she is currently using. However Outlook wont se
focus to the main window and will not click and activate the draf

For a work around we restarted outlook opened the draft and copied th
content of the Email to the clipboard then went through what she wa
doing and she was able to send her email.

Not content on that as a solution i went back to my desk and tried i
on mine and found i to could not follow the same process that she wa
doing. After some more playin around i noticed that if you open a ne
email and attach the files from there you can still access the emails
drafts / sent items etc
Has anyone else come across this

Roady [MVP]

No, bug but a limitation. That is because the Send To command initiates
SimpleMAPI which only loads a stub of Outlook and launches a modal form
instead of a modeless form. This means that the form must be completed
before the application underneath the form can be used again.

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