Outlook 2007 and Terminal server 2003 problem


Peter Jonkers

I have the problem that my outlook is constanly crashing on the terminal
server version 2003.

Outlook version is 2007 and whe are using exchange 2007.
Most of the terminal server users have this problem so more profiles.
The have large mailboxes also about 10 gigabyte
The local users do not have this problem

then it works a day without problems, but the other day the users will
experiance a outlook that does not work and is stuck. They have to kill
outlook and start it up again.

the error that i get is :

Faulting application outlook.exe, version 12.0.6316.5000, stamp 4833a470,
faulting module outlook.exe, version 12.0.6316.5000, stamp 4833a470, debug?
0, fault address 0x00242990.

anyone any help. I am strugeling with this for over 3 months now




No answer from support i see.
I have the same problem, spesially outlook 2007 on the terminal. We are 40
users on termserver 2003. Have turned off all antivirus and other software
that could influence on the "hanging" behavor.

Need help with this



Skip Guyer

I'm going to remove Outlook 2007 and re-install Outlook 2003 until someone
has come up with a solution. Hope that fixes it.

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