Outlook 2007 and AOL email



I downloaded a trial outlook 2007 and synced it with AOL and Palm OS and it
moved my email from my Aol Account to Outlook. I thought it would allow me
access both through aol and outlook but it moved my aol email to the sent
side as if it sent all messages to outlook. Now i want to reverse the process
and get back to where I was before I downloaded the Outlook and get my aol
back to where it was originally with all emails back in the new/old
catagories. How can I do this? Thank you Barry

Diane Poremsky

I'm not sure I follow the problem... but lets start at the beginning - are
you using a POP3 orIMAP acct. To the best of my knowledge, AOL only supports
IMAP, which means all of the messages are still on the AOL server.

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