Outlook 2003 will not save password (pop3)



New Compaq laptop (Presario v6000). Office 2003 sp2 standard edition. No
software added to laptop.
Problem; added 1 pop3 email account in outlook. It keeps asking for
password. Check box has no affect.

Tests/fixes attempted;
Tried protected storage fix. no good
Tried my own variation on protected storage fix (gave full permissions to
key and all subkeys before trying to save password). no good.
Created a new profile - same pop3 account. no good.
Created a new profile - sbc pop3 account (yes - I HAVE seen the posts on the
proper way to setup sbc pop3 accounts). no good.
Created a new user and tried all above. no good.
Used 2 other computers running only outlook 2003 (no SP), always works - any
accounts - even multiple accounts.
Tried laptop using ethernet or wireless. no good.
Uninstalled IE7, NIS2006, and any other software I thought might have
anything to do with networking, security, or passwords. no good (tried
creating new user with new account).
Search this sofrums and many other places for solution, found only protected
storage. Really think its an issue with laptop (presinstalled software or
Outlook 2003 SP2).

Anything else to try? Anyone know why outlook 2003 might NOT save password
for a pop account (incoming only no login for outgoing). IS there anyway to
investigate the protected storage? My protected storage viewer never sees
outlook password, just IE and OE. Any other registry or policy locations I
might try?




Try to configure the same account in outlook express and check if its gonna
work that way we might no if its the problem with Outlook or account.

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