Outlook 2003 recurring appointments



Please advise. I am trying to open recurring appointments on another users
calendar that I have access rights to and am getting the following message.

"Can't open this item. The object could not be found."



Nikki Peterson [MVP - Outlook]

First thing I would try is to clean up the forms cache.

To do so, follow these steps:
1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. Click the Other tab, and then click Advanced Options.
3. Click Custom Forms.
4. Click Manage Forms.
5. Click Clear Cache.
6. Close all open windows, and then restart Outlook 2003.

If the above does not work, try the following.

Deleting the Forms Cache File:
The Frmcache.dat file is the primary file to delete. The Frmcache.dat
file serves as an index of the individual forms that have been cached
on the computer. Use the following steps to manually delete the
Frmcache.dat file. In addition, these steps delete all of the cached
forms on your computer, which are stored in subfolders of the
Forms folder.

1.. Quit Outlook.
2.. Search the Hard drive (<F3>) to locate the Frmcache.dat file.
(Be sure to check in HIDDEN files on W2K or WXP.)
3.. Delete all that are found from the FIND window.
4.. Open Outlook.

When you restart Outlook, and use a form, the forms cache
is re-created.

Nikki Peterson


Does anyone have any ideas why this error would keep happening to a
particular user? We have 1 user that gets the "can't open this item..." about
every 2-3 weeks, we clear the forms every time. This has all of us at the
Help Desk here stumped. I'd sure appreciate any input.





If a client is using a PDA and hot syncing it may be modifying the item. If
the item is customized with categories and labels it may not show up. Mine
often says can't open this customized form.. will open in outlook form. I
have not hear of clearing the forms so will try that for my problems.

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