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I'll be honest up front, I'm lost when it comes to fooling with servers and
Here's what I do know. My office just got a new 2003 Small Biz server and
have started hosting our .com email. I can check it from anywhere with
Outlook web express. But, I have Outlook 2003 at home and prefer to use it
like I do at the office. My contracted IT person says it can't be done but
I think he just doesn't want to deal with my ignorance.
So, can I use my home Outlook to check my email just like I would with other
pop3/smtp accounts?
Thanks in advance



Hans Klinger

Yes you can, there is two ways to do this:

1.: Outlook 2003 RPC over HTTP(s)
2.: Use the Small Business VPN setup to establish a VPN connetion and then
logon as you would on the office.

Tell your admin to investigate in these two options, or be fired :)

Hope this helps.


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

unless they have the pop or imap ports open, no. plus you'd need to leave
the mail on the server so you could have it in web access. However, you can
use the OWA url in outlook, provided it's http, not https. Create an HTTP
account type and enter the server url in
http://owa.doamin.com/exchange/username format. You'll have access to mail,
and while you can see the other folders, you can't use the contents as they
are shown as mail items.

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Hal Hostetler [MVP-S/U]

yes, you can Outlook to check office email via SMTP/POP3, however, doing so
will download messages to your home computer so they won't be available to
you at work unless you tell Outlook to leave a copy of messages on the
server. You also lose all the "fancy" features an Exchange Server provides.
A better solution would be to use IMAP instead; it leaves all mail on the
server, however, you still lose all the "fancy" features. The best solution
would be a VPN tunnel into your office LAN which would allow you to use the
Exchange Server service just like at the office.

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All very good ideas...thanks alot.
I do use Remote Desktop and WinVNC to connect occassionally but I leave my
workstation off when not there but, naturally, leave the server on.
I'll check some of these out to see which works best.
I appreciate the quick replies too.
Thanks again,

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