Issues with Windows 7 - Outlook Client - Exchange 2003



I use A Small Business server 2003 setup with Exchange 2003 to access my
pop3 mail accounts. That all works fine. My Outlook 2007 clients connect to
Exchange 2003 in Windows XP and Vista with no issues.

I just installed a new Windows 7 installation and added Office 2007 on a

I cannot get the Outlook 2007 to see the Exchange server 2003 on this
windows 7 installation. I am accessing computer and installs as admin, have
tried shutting down firewalls, etc. With explorer I can connect disk drives
to the SBS 2003 server with no problem. Only issue is seeing the Exchange
2003 server from Outlook 2007 client on Windows 7.

Any thoughts?



1) Is the laptop joined to the domain?

2) If the laptop is joined to the domain, are you logging onto Windows 7
with a domain or local account?

3) What happens if you configure the Outlook profile to prompt you for
credentials when starting?

Reason I ask this is that I have seen individuals logon to a domain joined
laptop and use a local account that has the same userid/password that exists
in the domain. This can cause authentication issues where you can't access
the mailbox.



Yes, laptop was joined to domain, auto discovery kept shutting off

Yes, logged on with local laptop account.

I had not added the DOMAIN same userid/password as an account to the laptop.
As soon as I did, when I started Outlook, it found server caught up on
mailbox contents, and everything is fine!

So, THANK YOU for jogging an old man's memory on user accounts!


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