Outlook 2003 + Exchange 2003


Hasan Sheriff

Hi All,

I have the above software with the client using cached mode.
The client uses exchange only as the store location.
All email is received through POP through several accounts.

Problem I have is when I'm offsite, Outlook starts downloading from the POP
accounts and hangs after a few messages while it tries to contact the
exchange server.
This makes Outlook completely unusable.
To resolve this issue, I have to manually right click the tray icon and
select "Cancel server request" every few minutes.

It should be writing to the OST while offline and only syncronising when in
the office.

Is there some place I can set the timeout for when it tries to contact the
exchange box?




Diane Poremsky

the pop mail should be going to the default storage folder... if its
exchange cached mode, it should be writing them to the ost when you are

Are you sure the pop accts are causing it? Try using multiple send/receive
groups and put the pop in a separate group. Check the pop group when

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