Outlook 2003 - Creating Envelopes Using the Address Book



I am creating an envelope in Word 2003 (Tools/Letters and Mailings/Envelopes
and Labels) and click Insert Address to select the recipient from the address
book in Outlook. From Select Name dialog box, I click the Show Names from
the: drop-down arrow and select the Contacts folder (using Exchange
2003). The problem is that the only names I see are those who have email
addresses. I do not see companies or individuals who do not have an email

If I log in to another computer and perform the same steps, I can see all
contacts. Also, starting from Outlook is not a problem. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Since you can do the merge from Outlook, this sounds like a Word problem to
me, not an Outlook problem. If a Mail merge will only use Contacts that have
email address, that usually indicates that you are missing the Address Book
component in Word or that it is corrupt. Run the Office Setup program and
look at your setup for Word. If the Address Book is not included, add it.
If it is already included, remove it and let setup finish. Then start setup
again and add it back.

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