No Outlook Address Book-Contacts folder in Word's Envelopes and La


Puzzled Jeff

I posted this question in the Word Discussion Group -- Application Errors,
then got to thinking that my problem might be more of a problem with
Outlook XP (2002). Consequently, I am also putting my post here if
someone might be more knowledgeable about my issue in this group.

I am running Windows XP Pro w/ SP3, Office XP (2002) w/ SP3, 1 G Ram.

I cannot access anymore the Outlook Address Book-Contacts Folder from Word
Envelopes and Labels. For that matter, I can't get any address book of any
kind to open anymore in Word 2002's Envelopes and Labels window.

BUT PLEASE NOTE THIS: I do have access to Outlook Address Book-Contacts
folder with email, so with a new email I can click any of the address book
icons on the email header and insert a name or email address from my Contacts
folder. Clearly, my Outlook Address Book in my email accounts is linked to my
Contacts folder in Outlook; it just will not open in my Word 2002.

I have tried numerous fixes supported by Microsoft and Office Support -- all
of the ones where I removed and replaced the Outlook Address Book from email
accounts in Outlook, or associated, dis-associated, and/or re-associated my
Contacts Folder with the Outlook Address Book. I have used the detect and
repair in the Help Menu in both Outlook and Word to repair Outlook and Word.
I have also used the original Office XP disk to repair and to reinstall
Office. No luck at all.

I am now consistently and always getting the same error message from
Microsoft Exchange that: "Unable to display the contents of this address
book. The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be
opened; it may have been moved or deleted, etc."

Has anyone experienced such a specific application error with Outlook,
Outlook Address Book-Contacts Folder, or Word 2002 in
the Envelopes and Labels window? And is there any specific fix short of
uninstalling and reinstalling Word or Office 2002?

Russ Valentine

Any idea what changes preceded this problem? Anything that would have
changed either your default email or addressing service at the OS level will
produce this problem. So would any changes you made to the location or
designation of your Outlook data file.
If removing and re-adding the Outlook Address Book Service from your profile
was done correctly and didn't fix the problem, the next step would be to
create a new Outlook profile from scratch. Detect & Repair won't help.
Reinstalling won't help.
As a test, try starting an integrated function from Outlook instead of Word
and see what happens.

Russ Valentine

Creating a new profile is a snap--much easier than a reinstall. Nor would
you have to do anything to rearrange folders. Your data file folder
structure won't change at all and won't need any adjustment.

Something doesn't fit here. Removing and re-adding the address book service
has fixed this in every other situation I've seen if done correctly. A new
profile hasn't become necessary until Outlook 2007.

I'd still try your integration from Outlook to see what happens.

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